Assistant Nurse Manager

Job ID
Employment Type
Full Time
Medical / Surgical / Orthopedics
Hours / Pay Period
Dominican Hospital - Santa Cruz
Standard Hours
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Work Schedule
8 Hour

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Candidate Profile

Candidate Profile

We’re excited that you have chosen to apply for a position at Dignity Health. Because our team uses email as a communication tool to reach out to candidates, if you have an @Yahoo email, you may want to adjust your filter settings or use an alternative email address to ensure that you receive email communications from our Talent Acquisition Team.

Dignity Health's online application process consists of multiple steps designed to accept information you volunteer about your skills, education and interests which are then matched against current requirements of job openings at Dignity Health and its affiliates. If a match is found in the online preliminary screening, you may be invited to complete an online assessment that measures your experiences and accomplishments as well as your attitudes and preferences about various work-related subjects.

Privacy Statement
Your application and any additional information you provide to us will be added to our applicant database and will be used for the purpose of reviewing your skills, experience and interest against job openings at Dignity Health and/or Dignity Health Affiliate(s) and for reporting purposes as may be required by law.

Disclosure Statement
Your decision to enter the application process by supplying personally identifiable information about yourself ("Personal Information") indicates you understand and agree with the following:

  • You represent that the information you are submitting is complete and accurate and that providing false or misleading information during any of the steps of the application process will lead to your rejection or termination.
  • You may be required to produce original documents that verify your employment eligibility & identification
  • Dignity Health may also share your personal information with other companies acting on Dignity Health's behalf to provide employment verification services, such as a background checking organizations or assessment.
  • In order to promote a safe working environment, high quality patient care and related services, Dignity Health performs background checks on all external candidates once they have completed the application process and are offered a job.
  • Employment at Dignity Health is contingent upon the completion of a satisfactory background check. If something on your background check appears to be a reason that we cannot hire you, we will notify you. In such an instance, we will provide you with a copy of your criminal background check and information on the process for resolution, if appropriate.
  • You have the right to request access to your Personal Information, in order to file a correction, update, modification, or ask for the deletion of certain of your Personal Information.  You can do this by going to MY ACCOUNT on MyCareer editing your preferences.  If you request the deletion of your Personal Information, please understand that applicable legal requirements may require that Dignity Health must maintain certain data for a period of three (3) years.  Despite this, you may withdraw your candidacy of employment for a particular position at any time and Dignity Health will mark your application withdrawn.

Dignity Health may contact you to send you announcement or to request information.  If you no longer wish to be contacted, you can edit your profile on MY ACCOUNT on MyCareer to reflect this preference and your MyCareer account will be deactivated.

For California Residents:
If you are a resident of the State of California, please read additional privacy notice terms here.

For European Union Residents
If you are a resident of a member country the European Union, you may have additional privacy rights. As required, we will inform you of such rights elsewhere on this website.

Dignity Health uses appropriate security measures to protect your personally identifiable information against unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Security measures include the use of firewalls and secure data storage facilities.

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By providing any telephone number to Dignity Health or other entity engaged by Dignity Health, you represent that the telephone number is yours and consent to receive autodialed phone calls, prerecorded phone calls, and text messages from or on behalf of Dignity Health at the telephone number.


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